Ladies of the Vine
Administrator: Sister Carpenter
Director: Sara
Greetings to the Ladies of the Vine!
Praise The Lord Ladies!!!  Here at Solid Rock, we are excited about all the great
things God is doing this year.  I would like to take this opportunity to explain
what we are all about.  Ladies of the Vine Ministry is a group put together that
allows our ladies at Solid Rock to communicate and organize events in a more
effective manner.  All our ladies are divided among three groups: Love lead by
Sis. Lori Cassel, Peace lead by Sis. Linda Monks, and Joy lead by Sis. Lana
Sedgwick.  These ladies join together to work: whether in cleaning, cooking,
decorating, planning, or just to have some girly fun; all giving glory to the
kingdom of God.  

Ladies of the Vine Ministry dedicates three months of every year to raising
money for Mother's Memorial.  The kick-off day is on Mother's Day, which fills
our summer months with great events that gives to this growing ministry; which
supports foreign missionary needs and helps families in the adoption process,
just to name a few.

Ladies please be sure to check the calendar for all upcoming events that you
don't want to miss.  We look forward to spending more time with you as we all
seek to be more in him and used for his purpose.

Sara Srubar
SR Ladies Ministry Leader
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