Our Pastor
Rod & Paula Carpenter
In February 1994, Rod Carpenter and his family of four
were called out of the evangelistic field, where they had
been traveling the western U.S.  God directed him to take
the position of head pastor at Solid Rock UPC of Corpus
Christi. This, however, is not where his Christian walk
began. It began in 1977, Rod was just coming out of the
hippy movement when he met and married Paula
Davidson, in Moore Oklahoma. It was not long before he
and his wife began to go to church and received the Holy
Ghost were Baptized in Jesus' Name. God then gave him a
passion to reach the lost. From that passion, he pastored
the first UPC-recognized Spanish work, Iglesa
Pentecostal Unida in Oklahoma City. He also worked
with local lawyers to organize the legalization of Mexican
workers (1984-1987). In 1986, Rod authored the faith-
based education curriculum known as A.C.T.S (Alcohol
Chemical Treatment Series). Then, in 1988, he became
the executive director of Life in Focus Education (LIFE).
From these programs, Rod has been able to reach
countless thousands of people with 3,200 classes
worldwide. He has received three State of Texas
Governor’s Awards, a day named in his honor in the city
of Houston, and been invited to the White House. As you
can see, Rod’s heartbeat has been that of God’s “Go ye
therefore, and teach all nations….”